Edward van de Vendel


Misjka travels to Italy and the United States

After Misjka, the book I made with Anoush Elman and Annet Schaap (illustrations), earlier this year was sold to Germany, France and North-Macedonia, now a fourth and a fifth country will have their own edition: Italy and the United States.

The publishing house of Sinnos will publish the book in Italian in 2024. I'm really grateful for that. In the past Sinnos published two books I made with illustrator Mattias De Leeuw: Thirteen running deer and The bamboo girl.

The worldwide English rights were bought by Levine Querido, the wonderful company that previously published Little Fox (with Marije Tolman) and The Days of Bluegrass Love. Wow!

The Dutch Literature Fund made a special in English about this book. Read it here.

Rights can be obtained at my publisher, Querido, Amsterdam: here.