Edward van de Vendel


Sammy's new song
with illustrations by Saskia Halfmouw

Sammy's teacher teaches the class a new song. It's about a little princess. When Sammy sings it, if feels like butterflies are flapping out of his stomach into the classroom. En when he dances it feels like these butterflies are landing on his arms. His classmates take turns playing the little princess. But then it's Sammy's turn - and suddenly all the butterflies are gone. Because: how can Sammy be a princess. He is a boy, right? This song can't be about him!

Sammy's new song is a picture book about finding out who you can be - by being yourself.

Saskia Halfmouw, who I got to work with before in Daddy is a polar bear and Saint Pengouin and other holy animals, made magical, colourful and blissful illustrations.

  • The book design is by Roald Triebels.

  • Rights can be obtained at Querido: here.