Edward van de Vendel


Saint Pengouin and other holy animals
with illustrations by Saskia Halfmouw

This is a book for the Dutch celebration of Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas), containing nine rhyming stories. Because: why should Saint Nicholas be a human being? In this book Saint Magpie can't help stealing back the presents he gave. Saint Pengouin thinks the Dutch winter became too warm, Saint Mammoth isn't convinced of his own existence, Saint Rhino is troubled by a rare allergy, Saint Turtle is still on its way from Spain, and then there's Saint Chick.  

The delightful illustrations in colour are by Saskia Halfmouw, our second book after collaborating onDaddy is a polar bear.

  • Book design by Roald Triebels.

  • Rights can be obtained at my publisher, Querido, Amsterdam: here.