Edward van de Vendel


Misjka travels and travels

Misjka keeps travelling. Yesterday its translation rights were sold to Latvia - to my most favorite publishing company ever, Liels un Mazs. After The Days of Bluegrass Love it's the second book that'll come out in Latvian.

Misjka is the book I wrote based on the stories Anoush Elman wrote. It's about the little white rabbit that came into the Afghan refugee family after they got a permit to stay in The Netherlands. Roya, the only daughter in the family, wants to tell the rabbit her life story - but realizes she doesn't remember much. Maybe her parents and her brothers can help her? Annet Schaap made the beautiful illustrations and Querido in Amsterdam issued the original.

Latvia is the sixth country for Misjka. Previously rights were sold to Germany, France, the United States, Italy and North-Macedonia.

New rights can be negociated here.