Edward van de Vendel


I'm gonna be a publisher!

Exciting news: I'm gonna be a publisher. This doesn't mean I'm gonna stop being a writer - all that won't change - but I'm starting my own publishing house of today, under the wings of Singel Publishing Group: BLAUW GRAS.

Blauw Gras will publish around ten books a year, and these books will be for new adults, young adults and children. The books will keep a keen eye on social and societal issues. Apart from books by Dutch and Flemish authors, we'll also publish some translations.

I'm looking forward to cooperating with authors and illustrators, with several people within Singel, and also to the collaboration with Jeffrey Dral, who will do promotion and branding for Blauw Gras.

This has been a dream for long, so I'm really proud I'm being given this chance. The first books and authors will be announced in the course of 2024 on our website, www.uitgeverijblauwgras.nl and on social media, like at Instagram: @uitgeverijblauwgras.

Oh, and as I said: I'm gonna keep writing books myself as well, and they will be published at the great house of Querido, as usual.