Edward van de Vendel


My ghost and I
with illustrations by Floor de Goede

Yas really doesn't like darkness or night time, but this night is different: he is visited by a ghost! Personal assistance ghost Quackadoobieyoobiesprinkleapplepie - call him Quack - is here to help Yas with his fears. But why? Yas himself claims he is not afraid of anything!

But as he and his ghost make a nightly walk though the streets of his village, Yas finds out there are many people with fears. And that telling someone about the fears might help, especially when that someone is your personal assistance ghost.

This is the third early reading book Floor de Goede and I made together - after Very very very dirty book and Miss Unicorn. The sentences are short and the words are not too difficult. At the end of the book both Yas and his ghost offer tips against fear - and of course the book contains plenty of illustrations in colour.

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