Edward van de Vendel


There was a tin jar in the grass
with illustrations by Sanne te Loo

This story is about time. A young boy finds an oldfashioned tin jar at a flee market, loses it in his way home, and then we go back in time... To see that the tin jar once belonged to Lina, who used it to store a personal treasure when she was small. But then she forgot about it and years later, after her death, her daughters selll the tin jar... to the young boy. From that point in the story we go forward: what happens when it's the boy's turn to grow old?

Sanne te Loo beautifully illustrated this journey through the decades, and she reveils to the viewer what Lina's treasure was... The book ends with a treasure map that leads the children once again through the years and provides them with the last missing links...

  • Book design by Herman Houbrechts.

  • Sample translation into English available.

  • Rights can be obtained at my publisher, Querido, Amsterdam: here.