Edward van de Vendel


What's left of the sun?
with illustrations by Jet Parent

Where do the good times go when they're gone? That is the question at the heart of this picture book - my first with Jet Parent and the first BY her.

The forest has been dark for a while now en it's raining all the time. The animals have lost their optimism and their joy.
‘Where did all the light go?’ Fieldmouse asks herself. 'Where is what's left of the sun? We should go look for it! There have to be some leftovers somewhere, right?’
Fox, Owl and Badger think these are ridiculous remarks. Why would you go and look for the sun in dark and rainy days? But the quiet Squirrel suddenly speaks up. He wants to join the quest.

This story emerged organically after the COVID-19-pandemic, being the first one I wrote after two years of silence. And on Istagram I had seen the beautiful artwork by Jet Parent, so imagine how happy I am she wanted to illustrate this...

  • Book design by Roald Triebels.